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A preview of VGYD design articles    
Custom Boat Designs Made Affordable
Kit plan packages are the perfect boat building projects for the amateur or professional boat builder alike.

Designing for the Transpac                   
Past, Present, & Future

In 2000 the Transpac 41/52 Rule was introduced with the objective of creating incentive to achieve line honors for the smaller classes. Twelve years later these classes compete on a relatively level playing field and are no less capable offshore than their larger cousins.

"What is a Sport boat!!??"
An explanation (based on performance characteristics and not emotion) of what really constitutes a sailing sport boat.

Cost Effective Research & Development 
One of the problems any yacht design company faces when it embarks upon a new project is being able to assess the vessel's performance characteristics. This article is a description of how VGYD designed and optimized their highly successful Mount Gay 30.

Just the Ticket....Less Strings and Things
Modern free-standing rigs are inherently safer, far less complicated, cost effective, more aerodynamically efficient, and when paired with the right platform are able to match the performance of a conventionally rigged boat.

Water Ballast - Race Boat Applications
A description of how water ballast on a sailboat works, the advantages and disadvantages, and a description of the system on the VG-Mount Gay 30.

Last Update

Yes, we's been a year and a half since the last udate. Let's just say that 2013 was a trying year on many different levels. However, we've been working diligently on a variety of projects so there's quite a bit to catch you up on. The goal is to have all our latest works posted to the site within the next two weeks, including big news on a custom 38ft canting keel race boat for an Australian client.

The 2XS 8.5 construction update 

Darian, Milwaukee has become ground zero for the construction of the new 2XS 8.5. The client for this boat is building it in his garage and is looking at a launch date of Spring 2013. See the latest construction photos.  

The Paradox 1050 - less string, less crew, less hassle
This unique and innovative 35 footer is based on simplicity and performance and is geared towards short-handed sailing, both above and below decks.
Fast is fun and VGYD can help you get there! 
We offer state-of-the-art research, h
ull form development, performance predictions and analysis for power and sail boats, for both new and existing geometries.
Read about our latest engineering projects 

VGYD offers a broad range of engineering services including structural analysis in composites and metals, ABS and ISO scantling development for both power and sailing yachts, mechanical engineering and detailing, refits and restoration, and forensic engineering.

More on our appendage refits

VGYD offers state-of-the-art appendage refits, whether it's a light weight composite rudder, a lifting or canting keel arrangement, or the reconfiguration of an existing keel, our proven foil geometries are engineered and optimized to give you the desired results.

Big news on our kit-plan-packages

Prices on selected packages have been reduced! The kit-plan-packages offered by VGYD are the perfect boat building projects for the amateur or professional boat builder.  Also offered as pre-assembled components. 

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