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It has been quite a while since I've posted any significant updates to It's not that I've been idle, but more a case of being too busy. Not only with work and the day to day ups and downs of family life, but also dealing with the curve balls that life sometimes throws at you.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I was relatively lucky as the cancer had not spread beyond the gland so the prognosis was hopeful. The treatment however (a combination of hormone therapy and radiation) definitely took its toll and it hasn't been until recently that I could honestly say that I'm back to my old fighting self.

My doctors saved my life so I can't say enough good things about Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston. I have regular check-ups and so far I have a clean bill of health. I'm now a huge advocate of regular PSA screenings and recommend them to all my middle-aged male friends.

But enough of that.......BEAM MAX is going to be a regular feature on our website where we'll discuss different issues, some relative to the marine industry and others just of interest. We're also testing the waters of social media with our first foray into Facebook. Please check out our new Van Gorkom Yacht Design page and give us a "like" (see below).

To make up for our recent lack of postings, we've added quite a few updates. They include a couple of new custom sailboat designs, appendage refits, metal and composite structures, hull re-designs for some of our powerboat customers, forensic work, and a brand new page featuring testimonials from some of our clients.

Leonardo da Vinci once wrote "science is the captain and practice is the soldier. Those who fall in love with practice without science are like a sailor without a helm or compass".

Last Update
HPR-40 on the drawing board
The High Performance Rule (HPR) has been formed to promote the design and development of seaworthy sailing yachts that utilize the latest in technology to achieve high performance in inshore and offshore racing. This is a concept that VGYD has always embraced and we're excited to enter this design arena.

XS-ive Force
The design brief from our Australian client for the VG1150xs was simple - an exciting boat
with some serious speed potential that will win races and challenge the crew. Construction is due to begin in 2014.


The 2XS 850 construction update 
Darian, Milwaukee has become ground zero for the construction of the new 2XS 8.5
. The client for this boat is building it in his garage and is looking at a launch date of Spring 2015. See the latest construction photos.
Powerboat hull optimization & repowering 
A study on the lengthening of a down-east production powerboat for an outboard well and switching from the standard inboard diesel arrangement to twin outboard engines.
Keels falling off  (a paper presented at IBEX 2013) 

Within the last fifty years there has been a significant number of high profile, catastrophic failures related to sail boat keels and the structures that are supposed to hold them in place.

Read about our latest engineering projects 

VGYD offers a broad range of engineering services including structural analysis in composites and metals, ABS and ISO scantling development for both power and sailing yachts, mechanical engineering and detailing, refits and restoration, and forensic engineering.

More on our appendage refits

VGYD offers state-of-the-art appendage refits, whether it's a light weight composite rudder, a lifting or canting keel arrangement, or the reconfiguration of an existing keel, our proven foil geometries are engineered and optimized to give you the desired results.


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