"OverProof" and the Cape to Bahia Race

“OverProof” and the Cape to Bahia Race

overproof-cape-01While much has been said about the big dogs of the Cape Town to Bahia Race (ICAP Leopard, Rambler) and their big name crews, there’s a 30 footer competing in this Trans-Atlantic slay ride, crewed by four gutsy young South Africans that might very well be a giant killer.

“Overproof”, the smallest boat in the IRC division, is an Open30 designed by Van Gorkom Yacht Design and built by Moondance Yachts of Cape Town. The crew, Gerry Hegie 23 (skipper), Robbie van Rooyen 22 (co-skipper), James Largier 20, and Duncan Matthews 24, have been pushing the boat hard since the start and have averaged 10 knots of boat speed in the last five days.

They are now in 3rd place, however with 2600 miles to go until they reach the finish line in Brazil, anything can happen. Their current position in the fleet is even more impressive given that only a month before the race all the sails were stolen. Between hastily having some new sails cut and borrowing the rest the boys were able to get the boat to the line in time.

Reports from Overproof: “Moral is high onboard and at the moment we are just trying to place ourselves not to get stuck in the South Atlantic high pressure system, there is a fine line between doing this and not sailing too much distance. Otherwise, life is at a constant heel, quite wet, but we haven’t come off the plane since Cape Town so we’re all smiling!”

“Good times! 17 knots true wind……straight on rumb line……..averaging over 10 knots……true wind 120 on the port quarter”.

Unfortunately, something did happen. With only a week into the race the rudder gudeons failed which meant boat had to be slowed down and a centerline rudder had to be jury-rigged. This was essentially the end of their race, although the crew pressed on to Salvador and completed their trans-Atlantic crossing. The boat will now be delivered to the Caribbean where it will compete in the 2009 racing season.