Performance Analysis

Hull form development and performance analysis for power and sail boats is yet another dimension to VGYD’s extensive repertoire of marine engineering services. We offer state-of-the-art research and development programs for the optimization of either new designs or existing boats.

Northcoast 27


C&C Marine in Bristol, Rhode Island approached Van Gorkom Yacht Design to develop the hull lines for their new 27 foot hard-top fishing/cruising boat. VGYD worked with Bill Richards Yacht Design to create a highly efficient and functional hull with a traditional “Down-East” look that was both a comfortable ride and provided enough internal volume to accommodate a desirable living space.

Fish Eagle


When the Coast Guard revised the average passenger weight criteria, owners of small passenger-carrying vessels operating under the Code of Federal Regulations Sub-Chapter T requirements where faced with a third less paying passengers. The owner of Fisheagle Wild Life Tours in South Carolina contacted Van Gorkom Yacht Design to inquire if it was possible to modify his pontoon boat so as to recoup his passenger count. VGYD performed a study and determined that it was possible by adding an extra set of pontoons and thus increasing the stability of the vessel. VGYD engineered the new structure (see Metal Works) and ran a complete stability analysis, both of which were approved by the US Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Center.



To aid in the design process of the VG30, VGYD undertook an unprecedented research and development program comprised model development, tank testing and a post analysis and optimization. A complete parametric analysis was made to develop the lines for 2/3 scale model, which was then tested at IMD. This information was used to calibrate the VPP which allowed VGYD to quantify hull variations (see article “Cost effective R&D“).

F&S Boatworks


F&S Boatworks of Delaware have used VGYD to assist in developing the lines for their 57, 61 and 70 foot custom sports fishing boats. These powerful and extremely efficient hull forms, with an innovative longitudinally stepped dead rise, have been very successful and are quite popular with armature and professional sportfisherman alike.

Atlantic Boat Company


The Duffy & Duffy “Down East” Maine lobster boat is probably one of the most classic styles of lobster boat there is. The Atlantic Boat Company, the builders of these vessels, have used the services of VGYD for the passed six years for the design of interior and exterior layouts of their extensive line of both work and pleasure boats, hydrostatic studies, and powering analysis. VGYD is presently working on the hull geometry for a 33 footer based on the traditional lobster boat style.

Burke Design


VGYD was brought in to undertake the repowering of a Trojan 40 Express Cruiser. With the aid of sophisticated powering analysis software, the optimal propeller diameter and pitch ratio were selected to match the horsepower and RPM of the new engines. This process ultimately saved the owner time and money and insured that the boat would not be over powered with the propellers cavitating at high running speeds.

Jutson Mount Gay 30


In preparing his boat for the Bermuda 1-2, the owner of this Scott Jutson designed Mount Gay 30 contacted VGYD to help him optimize the sailing configuration for the best PHRF rating possible. This optimization involved a detailed look at the rating parameters such as sail area, displacement, water ballast and rig configuration.

Thompson 37


After the 2007 refit of Rumours and its subsequent successful sailing season, the owner is looking to optimize the sail wardrobe for the 2008 season. The boat will be competing in PHRF, IRC and OOR events, therefore the owner looked to VGYD to produce a relatively accurate set of performance polars curves.

Leadership 44

USA_044 USA_028

The US Coast Guard Academy have now taken delivery of their eight Pedrick designed training yachts, which have all been built at Morris Yachts. While the chief function of the vessel is to provide the cadets with a durable and stable training platform, Geoff Van Gorkom worked with PYD to develop a hull form with a level of performance that would make them fun and exciting to sail.

Duffy 26

Duffy 28 - 2 Duffy 28ct - 4

The Atlantic Boat Company in Brooklin Maine asked VGYD to conduct a study on the lengthening of the Duffy 26. This was done so that they could look at the feasibility of taking their popular inboard diesel model and re-powering it with twin 250hp outboards and adding a two foot extension for an outboard well. Two arrangements were produced for the study, one with a center console and the other with a house top.