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State-Of-The-Art Designs for Over 20 years

Van Gorkom Yacht Design LLC is fast becoming a leader in state-of-the-art yacht design and engineering within the marine industry. Through customized solutions, VGYD are providing new perspectives to make our clients’ boating passions a reality.

VGYD is naval architectural firm dedicated to the concept of innovative high performance yachts, both power and sail. Our in-house projects include a range of high performance sailing boats, from a 23 foot rocket to and 80 foot go-fast cruiser. We also offer marine engineering services, consulting in composite analysis, structural engineering, scantling development, and performance predictions for both sail and motor yachts.

One of the primary concerns of any prospective owner or builder is the quality and comprehensive nature of the design. What sets Van Gorkom Yacht Design apart from many of the other design houses is:

Our Professionalism

We are university-degreed naval architects and marine engineers with over 25 years of industry experience.

Our Attention to Detail

We produce highly competitive designs that are extremely well thought out and supported by a very high level of engineering and detailing, which ultimately makes for a problem-free construction phase and a superior design.

The One-on-One Relationship We Establish with Our Clients

We believe that personalized open communication is the key to ensuring the success of any project.

Geoff Van Gorkom

Geoff is an Australian citizen who has been residing in the United States since 1984. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1989 with a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

Prior to establishing Van Gorkom Yacht Design in 1994, Geoff acquired an enormous amount of design experience from being involved with hi-tech projects such as: the design of the IOR Maxi, Matador2, the 1992 Americas Cup winner America3, and the structural design and in office project management of the IMS 50 Falcon.

This experience has been broadened by working on commercial projects for MacLane Marine Designs on tug and barge structures; consulting for Maritech Inc., a firm specializing in vibration analysis of marine power plants; and Navtec Inc. as a design engineer where his duties included the research and design of new production and custom rigging parts, the analysis and testing of strength of materials, and project management of large custom rigs.

The 1992 Seahorse Design Competition proved to be a milestone for Van Gorkom, with a first place win for the design of a Whitebread 30 (Mount Gay 30), an inshore/offshore, water ballasted racing boat. In May 1998, VGYD splashed their first commission, the VG-Mount Gay 30, which proved to be an extremely successful design and a great all round performance racer. This boat firmly established Geoff Van Gorkom as a player in the field of performance sailboat design

Alex Kraebel

Van Gorkom Yacht Design is proud to welcome Alex Kraebel to its design team. Alex earned a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Southern California where he competed on the USC Varsity Sailing Team. He helped the team win two District Championships, the LAYC Harbor Cup, the Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta, and attended two national championships. His love of competitive sailing continued with a variety of big boat programs in Long Island Sound.

Since graduating, Alex has been deeply immersed in the marine industry and has developed a robust education for every aspect of boat maintenance. He has a real passion for the classics from his time at Wooden Boatworks in Greenport, Long Island. Alex worked on designs from his childhood heroes, Olin Stephens, Gill Smith, William Fife III, and Nat Hereschoff, experienced the refit of the S&S 48 China Clipper and the build of two Fife 8 meters, Invader and Defender.

Alex has a keen interest in yacht design and brings a wealth of practical sailing knowledge and racing experience to the VGYD office.