The CUB 880

Project Detail

LOA 8.800 m (28.9′)
DSPL 1650 kgs (3638 lbs)
Beam 2.850 m (9.35′)
Draft 2.200 m (7.22′)
SA (up) 54 m2 (581 ft2)
SA (dn) 703 m2 (1507 ft2)

Van Gorkom Yacht Design LLC has developed a 29 foot racing sail boat specifically designed with junior sailors in mind. The underlying theme of the Youth Offshore Challenge Cup “CUB 880” is to provide an exhilarating and reliable cross-platform for both medium distance coastal races and inshore regattas. It is intended to be a highly competitive, easy-to-handle, all-round performer that youths, coming out of junior sailing programs, will be attracted to and further their interest and involvement in keel-boat sailing.

Every aspect in the design of the CUB 880 has been meticulously considered for the sailing and seakeeping characteristics of the yacht, resulting in a high-performance racer, while perfectly combining the art of naval architecture and structural engineering. The boat will be technologically sophisticated yet simple in its execution drawing upon many elements that are found in classes such as the VOR 65s, Mini-6.50s, and Class 40s.

The basic philosophy for the CUB 880 hull design has been to produce a low-drag geometry with a high degree of planing potential and enough reserve buoyancy to make the boat sea-kindly in rough waters. The canoe body, with a displacement/length ratio of 100 (in sailing condition), will make for a powerful and easily driven hull form. It incorporates a full-length chine that tracks the predicted sailing waterline and enhances the overall initial stability of the vessel. A gentle rocker distribution enables the boat to launch up onto a plane more readily.

The appendage package has been conceived so as to deliver the maximum sailing potential (and fun factor) to the CUB 880 and features a canting keel, twin rudders and a centerline dagger board. The T-keel and bulb has a depth 7.20 feet and articulates over a range of 80 degrees, which provides all the necessary horsepower and righting moment to balance the yacht for any given crew number and wind condition. The dual rudders, hung from the transom, enhance the boat’s maneuverability and provide finger-tip control. A superior windward performance is assured via the centerline dagger board with a unique integrated trim tab arrangement. All the foils use a proven high-lift, laminar flow section and are fabricated out of carbon fiber.

The CUB 880’s fractional, two spreader rig supports a powered up, but manageable sail plan. All the spars are carbon fiber for the optimum weight to strength and stiffness ratio. The rig also features 20 degree swept-back spreaders, discontinuous composite standing rigging and a hydraulically adjustable mast step, all of which lower the rig’s center of gravity and greatly simplifies tuning. The boat sports a five foot long fixed prod for flying the J0, the mast head A2 and A3 and a fractional A-kite. The upwind sail inventory includes a square top main, a 110% J1 and an 80% J3. The CUB 880’s projected upwind SA/Dspl ratio of 37 indicates a superb windward ability while the downwind SA/Dspl ratio of 94 demonstrates an exciting surfing capability.

The deck layout of the CUB 880 provides a versatile and efficient working platform for both offshore and around-the-buoys racing. The cockpit is long and open with ample room for the crew to carry out sailing maneuvers. The selection and placement of modern, light weight, high load capacity hardware and running rigging reflects the latest thinking of today’s best racing programs. When sailing the boat in offshore events, a hard dodger can be mounted over the companionway providing plenty of protection against green water cascading down the deck. In addition, an electronics tower with an integrated life raft platform can be attached to the raised escape hatch combing.

The below decks ergonomics of the CUB 880 have been carefully considered with the emphasis on habitability and ease of use. It is functional and well attuned to offshore sailing and coastal cruising. In the central cabin there is a comfortable sitting height of 1.30m (4.25ft) over a length of 2.05m (6.73ft). There are four berths 1.9m (6.23ft in length), port and starboard, two fixed in the central cabin area and two pipe cots in the aft quarters. Forward and to port, there is a one-burner gimballed stove, and a removable cooler that forms a convenient step up to the companionway. The 10 hp inboard diesel engine with a Saildrive unit is under the cockpit and immediately aft of the companionway.

This design ensures a high level of strength and hull integrity in anticipation of heavy offshore sailing conditions. The structural design of the CUB 880 makes widespread use of advanced laminate analysis techniques, and applies them to produce a strong, lightweight, yet durable boat. The hull and deck will be constructed of wet-preg, epoxy/e-glass laminates over foam core, vacuum-bagged and oven-cured for a light and exceptionally strong boat. Local reinforcement with unidirectional carbon fiber and higher density cores are tailored to specific load paths. An internal grid unit will tie together web frames, stringers, floors, engine bed, and mast step into one integrated structural form to greatly enhance strength and esthetics.

The CUB 880 will also be relatively simple and cost effective to manage. One of the underlying goals of this design has been to have the boat relatively easy to breakdown, trailer, and set up, making it a breeze to transport between regattas. The boat is designed to be picked up via a single point lifting system, and the appendages are easily removable for trailering.