The Providian 62

Project Detail

LOA 18.90 m (62′ 0″)
LWL 18.29 m (60′ 0″)
Max Beam 3.66 m (12′ 0″)
Draft 1.12 m (3′ 8″)
DSPL 30,845 kgs (68,000 lbs)

In the spirit of all the other great builders and designers of the commuter yacht era, VGYD introduces the Providian 62. This design pays homage to the bygone days of elegance, comfort and speed by combining the classic lines of the 1920’s with modern technology and advanced engineering.

This beautifully appointed yacht has been designed for day excursions, as well as comfortably accommodating an owner and guests for weekend cruises. The Providian’s classic lines above the waterline are complemented by her modern, powerful underbody. The long waterlined, composite structure and two 430 hp Volvo Penta turbo charged marine diesels, will make for a smooth easy cruising speed of 18 knots and a flat out run of 26 knots.

This vintage replica rediscovers the age of affluence in power yacht design and applies modern building processes and contemporary equipment to produce a lightweight, strong structure with all the conveniences offered in present-day designs. All this, combined with classical detailing finished to the highest yacht standards, yields a craft that would be the pride of any gentleman yachtsman.