The VG-Mini 6.5

Project Detail

LOA 6.50 m (21′ 4″)
LWL 6.10 m (20′ 0″)
Max Beam 3.0 m (9′ 10″)
Draft 2.00 m (6′ 7″)
DSPL 750 kgs (1660 lbs)
SA (up) 40 m2 (431 ft2)
SA (dn)  93 m2 (1001 ft2)

Ballast Package:

  • canting keel
  • CL water ballast tank

The Mini Transat Class is arguably experiencing the greatest growth in participation than any other sail boat class in the world today. The sailing fraternity universally recognizes this class as being the proving ground for young sailors with aspirations of racing around the world on Open 50s and 60s. Technically speaking, these boats are extremely sophisticated with the protos pushing the envelope of development within the confines of a relatively unrestrictive and progressive open rule.

After a significant period of research and development, Van Gorkom Yacht Design is excited to be releasing their new VG-Mini 6.5 proto. This mini design is a phenomenal little boat and has the potential to dominate the competition and establish a whole new level of performance. All that, and it’s available as a kit-plan-package for the boat building enthusiast.

The all carbon fiber hull and deck incorporates the latest proven trends in hydrodynamics for this ilk of offshore racing boat. The canoe body has a fine entrance angle in its forward sections, and a gentle rocker fairing into a defined wide-body chine aft. This optimized configuration will give the boat a significant advantage in terms of raw power and its ability to perform well in a broad range of conditions.

The appendages consist of an 80 degree articulating fin and bulb, and port/stbd asymmetric dagger boards, and twin rudders. The versatility of this arrangement, plus the added water ballast, dramatically adds to the sailing stability and performance of the boat. The keel has a carbon fiber fin supporting a lead bulb. The dagger board and rudders are also all carbon construction.

The spar, rigging and deck hardware packages have been carefully selected with the latest philosophies in mind coming from today’s top Mini skippers. This kit is the perfect boat building project for the sailor who wants to put together a “from the ground up” Mini campaign and be highly competitive at the end of the day.

VGYD is selling the VG-Mini 6.5 kit-plan-package for US$3,250. See Kit Plans for details.