The XS-Spider

Project Detail

LOA 6.40 m (21′ 0″)
LWL 5.74 m (18′ 10″)
Max Beam 2.13 m (7′ 0″)
Draft (keel dn) 1.52 m (5′ 0″)
DSPL 450 kgs (992 lbs)
Ballast 185 kgs (408 lbs)
SA (up) 25.0 m2 (270 ft2)
SA (dn) 55.0 m2 (593 ft2)

Boat Show Impressions

In May 2012, for the second consecutive year, I attended the Korea Boat Show in support of Blue Galaxy, the builder of the XS-Spider. This was my first time seeing the production version of the boat, and I have to admit that I was very impressed by the workmanship and attention to detail. It was also my first time sailing the boat and I was extremely happy with how the Spider behaved. It’s beautifully balanced and fun to sail. I was also very humbled and appreciative that our XS Spider was awarded the 2012 Innovation Award by the boat show organizers. This is a worthy acknowledgement for all the years of hard work that Blue Galaxy and Van Gorkom Yacht Design have put into this project and we are looking forward to a bright future with the boat.

Features of the XS-Spider

Racing and Training

  • A dinghy-like performance in a keel boat makes the Spider an ideal “crossover” platform and will be extremely popular with ages 15 through 50
  • The Spider has the potential to create a strong youth program for any yacht club and encourage continued participation in its young adult members
  • A great racing performance with the racing sail package (square-top main, vertical battened roller furling jib, and asymmetric kite)
  • Three to four people in close exciting one-design racing can sail this little rocket hard
  • Many of the Spider’s design features make this boat an ideal platform for a teaching environment (special training sail package)
  • The XS-Spider will maintain its leading edge appeal for many years to come and serve any yacht club well in attracting new members to their sailing program
  • The boat has a lightweight structure yet it is tough enough to withstand the rigors of yacht club use
  • The boat can easily be launched from a trailer via a single point hoist or from a boat ramp

Performance and Handling

  • Sleek, stealthy canoe body with flat, stable, after planing-hull sections and a relatively high sail area/wetted surface ratio
  • Low displacement/length ratio gives the boat a superior windward performance
  • The XS-Spider has a high initial stability, yet is a very responsive boat to handle in most conditions
  • The XS-Spider has a spacious and functional cockpit with a simple-to-sail deck layout
  • There are no winches and no backstay
  • The deck layout draws on the latest dinghy technology to make sail handling easy and quick
  • There are hiking pads and a center-line foot chock that make for a comfortable ride when fully heeled
  • Hydrodynamic efficient high-lift, laminar flow keel and rudder foils

Structural Features

  • Lightweight composite laminate includes epoxy, e-glass and foam sandwich construction
  • The lifting carbon fiber keel fin and lead T-bulb firmly locks in place on a bearing saddle connecting the internal structure of the boat to the keel fin
  • The high aspect ratio rudder is completely demountable with just one pin to pull
  • The boat will be virtually unsinkable with floatation compartments built into the structure

Rig & Sails

  • The mast and boom are lightweight Southern Spar aluminum sections
  •  The mast is a diamond rig system with an adjustable-while-sailing cap shroud tensioner
  • A Harken & Boom Kicker vang system come as part as the basic package
  • The roller furling jib has an integrated headstay system for easy sail removal and hoisting
  • The retractable bow sprit is all carbon fiber
  • The XS-Spider can be quickly rigged and de-rigged and stowed away with the minimum of fuss and space


The preliminary costs from the builder for the XS-Spider are as follows:
Hull & deck (e-glass, foam core & epoxy resin) USD8500
Deck hardware package USD2250
Sails & rig (training sail package, aluminum spars) USD8250
Carbon fiber lifting keel fin with lead T-bulb USD3500
Carbon fiber rudder USD1500
Carbon fiber bow pole USD1000
Miscellaneous USD2500
Total USD27,500 Ex Factory

Note: This price is based on multiples of four boats, as that is the number of units that can be packed into a 40 foot shipping container (VAT and shipping/handling charges are additional). Options include racing sails (main, jib & kite), outboard and outboard bracket.

Contact VGYD or Blue Galaxy for more details.