Racer/Cruiser Designs

Our racer/cruiser line has been primarily developed for the growing IRC market. These boats will not only be serious competitors in club events, they will be strong offshore performers and capable cruising boats.


The VG-Open30 – Cat-Rigged & Canting Keel Version

If you're looking for simplicity and performance all wrapped up into one package, look no further. The cat-rigged, canting keel version of the VG-Open 30 is easy to sail with a lot less work to do and yet, you can still maintain a very high level of performance.

The Paradox 1050

As a direct result of the development of the cat-rigged Open30, we now have a client for a new design, the Paradox 1050. As with the 30, the concept is based on simplicity and performance and is geared towards short-handed sailing, both above and below decks.

The VG-111

The VG-111 has been primarily developed for the high-end IRC racer/cruiser market. This design will not only be a serious competitor in around-the-buoys club events, it will also be a strong offshore performer capable of bringing home the trophies.

The VG-RCX 46 R/C

The VG-RCX 46 R/C has been developed for the IRC racer/cruiser, cruiser/racer market. This design will be a great offshore competitor with an optimized hull form, high-tech construction, and a light weight, fully functional, cross-purpose interior.