Racing Designs

VGYD have produced a broad range of racing sail boat designs from an affordable, easy to handle, fun day-sailer to high powered ocean racing machines. We specialize in the design of easily driven hull forms, which is the key to the success of these boats.


The VG-Mini 6.5

After a significant amount of research and development, Van Gorkom Yacht Design is releasing their Mini 6.5 proto. This Mini design has the potential to dominate the competition and establish a whole new level of performance.

The VG-Open30

Van Gorkom Yacht Design have entered the Open30 arena with an exciting new 30 footer developed as an affordable kit-plan-package. This comprehensive package makes it possible for the sailor/amateur boatbuilder to build a high performance one-off racer for a fraction of what a custom design would cost.

The VG-Mount Gay 30

The award winning VG30, originally designed to the Mount Gay 30 Rule, is now offered with a keel and rig upgrade. This proven performance grand prix racer now comes with a deeper, lighter fin resulting in zero loss of righting moment for a significant gain in performance. And it's available as a kit-plan-package for the boat building enthusiast.

The VG-GP42

The VG-GP42 is the first of the ORC "box rule" boats to be designed by Van Gorkom Yacht Design. This powerful and easily driven hull form, combined with a generous amount of sail area and a high righting moment, will rival the performance of many modern day 50 footers.

Volvo Ocean 70

The VO70 will turn the physics of speed/length ratio into a record setting pace. 500+ mile days could be the norm. Optimized towards off-the-wind sailing, hull forms will be wide and shallow aft, with narrow forward entries, canting keels and the option of twin rudders.