The 2XS Series

The 2XS Series (as the name implies) are not designs for the faint of heart. If you’re an adrenalin junky, or if you just rate sailing performance and having a whole lot of fun over anything else, then these boats are for you!


The XS-Spider

Here at Van Gorkom Yacht Design we believe that "fast is fun". The XS-Spider definitely fits into this category with its sleek stealthy canoe body and powerful sail area. Two to three people in close exciting one-design racing can sail this little rocket hard. However, many of the Spider's design features make this boat an ideal platform for a teaching environment such as found in a yacht club.

The Velocity 7.1

Finally, a fast keel boat that can be raced hard by two people. The Velocity 7.1 is designed for high performance fun. This two to three person keel boat is a direct by-product of an unprecedented research and development effort by the designer of the VG-Mount Gay 30. The result, a guaranteed exciting performance! The Velocity 7.1 has been conceived for simplicity of function, from sail handling to the trailering of the boat.

The 35XS

The 35XS is a unique hybrid of ideas combining the radical speed potential of the 2XS line and the proven race performance of the VG-Mount Gay 30. This is the perfect race machine for offshore sprints and round-the-cans action. The design has the option of either a lifting or articulating keel.

The VG1150XS

The design brief from the client for the VG1150XS was simple - "I want a fast boat that will win races and challenge my crew. I don't care about ratings and I want it to be exciting to sail." With this in mind, VGYD set to work on designing a boat with some serious speed potential.

The 2XS-850

Just launched! This ULDB rocket is designed to be an inexpensive go-fast day racer, capable of leaving the competition in the dust. Targeted at inshore round-the-buoys racing, the 2XS-850 has carbon spars, a non-overlapping jib, an asymmetric spinnaker, and is easily trailered to any venue with the minimum of hassle.