The Moloka’i Strait Series

The Ultimate Motor Sailer

molakai_launchedVan Gorkom Yacht Design have recently completed the structures for the MOLOKA’I STRAIT 79 with construction due to begin some time in 2008.

The MOLOKA’I STRAIT design style is inspired by the Romsdahl fishing trawlers of Romsdahl, Norway. This type of design is characterized by a relatively clear foredeck, a superstructure set amidships to aft, and a rounded (what we call “cruiser”) stern. A bulbous bow has been incorporated into the design to reduce resistance.

The MOLOKA’I STRAIT 65 is a 65ft explorer/trawler power yacht designed by Sponberg Yacht Design for the Independence Cherubini Company. This stout but stylish, ocean-going vessel is designed and fabricated for serious voyaging and live-aboard comfort.

Its hull and main weather deck are constructed of the highest grade marine steel and the super-structure of aluminum alloy with the two joined by a Detacouple. Van Gorkom Yacht Design was contracted by SYD to engineer the hull and deck structure and to produce detailed shop floor construction details.

molakai_bow molakai_under_construction

The emphasis on this design was to create a robust structure tough enough to endure the rigors of expedition yachting. The structure also needed to be weight efficient and lend itself to a comfortable roomy interior. Last fall the first 65 was lanched at Custom Steel Boats in North Carolina.

In April 2002, Independence Cherubini Company commissioned Sponberg Yacht Design Inc. with the design of the MOLOKA’I STRAIT 72, a steel and aluminum expeditionary motoryacht which was to be a larger sister to the MOLOKA’I STRAIT 65. Once again, SYD turned to Van Gorkom Yacht Design to engineer the hull, deck and deck house structures and to produce detailed shop floor construction details.

With the early success of the 65s under construction, ICC determined it was time to begin the third boat in the Moloka’i Strait design series. The 72 has all of the amenities of her smaller sister and then some, but it will still be easy to handle and operate for single-couple owners. Owners that desire a permanent crew will welcome the self-contained crew suite forward. A 57, 79 and 85 footer in the Moloka’i series are currently in development.

The MOLOKA’I STRAIT 72 was launched in 2006 by St. Augustine Marine in Florida.