The VG-Open30

A Phenomenal Performance!

Project Detail

LOA 9.144 m 30′ 0″
LWL 8.534 m 28′ 0″
Max Beam 3.500 m 11′ 6″
Draft 2.500 m 8′ 2″
DSPL 1932 kgs 4260 lbs
SA (up) 65 m2 700 ft2
SA (dn) 155 m2 1668 ft2

In December 2007 Moondance Yachts in Cape Town, South Africa splashed their first Van Gorkom designed production Open30 named “OverProof” – see our report on OverProof sailing the Cape to Bahia Race.

The next boat off the line has a cat-rig and a canting keel. The driving force for this innovative arrangement was a need to simplify the handling of the boat without a reduction in performance (read more).

Meanwhile, the first VG-Open30 is on the water in Australia (see pictures). The owner is an experienced offshore racer and intends to campaign his boat in short-handed and single-handed Pacific Ocean events.

The 30 footer has always been a popular and practical racer, particularly with amateur boat builders. To capitalize on this and bring more affordable boats into the market, Van Gorkom Yacht Design have entered the Open30 arena with an exciting new 30 footer developed as a do-it-yourself (and a few good friends) kit-plan-package. This comprehensive package makes it possible for the sailor/amateur boat builder to construct a high performance one-off racer for a fraction of what a custom design would cost.

As with all VGYD’s designs, the underlying theme of the VG-Open30 has been one of meticulous consideration to the sailing criteria of the boat. VGYD is predicting a great performance out of this boat with the VPPs indicating a speed of 19 knots in 25 knots of wind at 120 degrees true wind angle. At about 14 knots of true wind speed, the VG-Open30 will start breaking loose and the boat should start planing by 17 to 18 knots of wind at an estimated boat speed of between 16 and 20 knots. She has a sailing displacement/length ratio of 128 and a sail area/displacement ratio of 34 upwind and a massive downwind SA/DSPL ratio of 82.

The fractional rig is carbon fiber with 20 degree swept-back spreaders and carries non-overlapping jibs, reachers and generous asymmetric spinnakers.  Due to the highly roached/square top main there is no backstay to hang up on. The rig incorporates a user-friendly runner/check stay system to compensate for the fore and aft loads from headsails.

The deck arrangement has been well thought out to create the perfect working platform for offshore racing. All the halyards and control lines have been lead back to the cockpit to banks of neatly organized jammers. The deck-mounted, carbon fiber bow sprit is both retractable and can articulate. The mainsheet traveler is on a curved track bridging the aft end of the cockpit. The aft end of the cabin house forms a protective cowl that a sailor can shelter behind in rough conditions.

The VG-Open30’s deep fin keel and dolphin-bulb configuration generates plenty of powerful righting moment. The foils used on the keel are our state-of-the-art, high-lift, laminar flow sections. The twin, kick-up rudders have the same high-lift sections with elliptical trailing edges, which maximize efficiency and minimizes drag. This keel and rudder combination contributes to a remarkably well balanced boat, needing only a flex of the fingers to steer her through the chop.

The interior ergonomics of an offshore racing machine play an important role in the boat’s overall success by providing a functional and relatively comfortable environment for the crew. The VG-Open30 has a swing berth port and starboard, a sit-down navigation station with a curved seating surface to port, ample stowage volume, and a water tight bulkhead. The auxiliary engine is an inboard Yanmar 9.5 hp diesel with Saildrive.

Although this boat will be sailed shorthanded, a full range of dynamic stability is still available using the water ballast tanks. The system operates via an electric pump with a hand pump backup. The flow controls are located in the cockpit, providing quick and convenient access. The total capacity of the port and starboard wing tanks is 264 gallons (507 liters), or the weight of 6½ crew members per side.

VGYD is selling the basic VG-Open30 kit-plan-package for US$4500. See Kit Plans for details.

See OverProof in action!

Several add-on options available:
high-tech composite construction $1000
canting keel and dagger board $2000
cat rig construction plans $2500
Cat rigged version

Cat rigged version